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The Triple-X has a private parlour, signup <Email-request-to-Join>,
then compete in our <Tournaments>, or just play single games

Brothers can play in the public parlour while waiting to join our parlour / tournaments
SimplyBG.com (play) instructions & features at JustBackgammon.com
You get 5 free matches before the $8.95 for the year subscription.


————————- Sign-up / Login ————————-
1[Sign-In] at https://SimplyBG.com/parlour/TrexTavloo
[Facebook – [f] Log In] Sign in is the easiest and safe
[Register/Email] new account has to be verified by email
[Sign-in] if a returning player

2[Dashboard] sets up your profile and game preferences
[Profile] name, email, avatar
[Settings] checker colors, board orientation/colors, etc

3[Play] in the open/public parlour
• Embedded chat and video with your opponent
• Integrated replay/review feature
• Export finished match data
• High-Contrast Checker Settings and Home Location

————— Join our Parlour / Tournaments —————
4 – [Join] after sign-up <Email-request-to-Join>
• Brothers play in our private parlour or tournaments

—————— Frequently Asked Questions ——————
Format: Our tournaments are single elimination
Free/Fee: New players get a 5-free matches trial, then
5 – [Subscribe] for $8.95/year fee for unlimited play.


11/18/2020 – 3rd Monthly Meeting online Tavloo tournament


10/21/2020 – 2nd Monthly Meeting online Tavloo – Brother Ara Malazian
09/16/2020 – 1st Monthly Meeting online Tavloo – Brother Ara Malazian